Google’s Ranking System and Algorithms – The Top 10

The truth is that there is a great deal of mystery surrounding the exact algorithm Google uses in order to determine page rankings. In fact, their algorithms change over 500 times Buy Google Reviews per year, and each time they change, they are not shared with the public. Does that mean that you have no way of knowing how your site will be ranked? Absolutely not! Through dedicated research, SEO experts have been able to determine factual information regarding exactly what factors Google takes into account in their ranking system. There are actually over 200 factors that they use to rank your site, but there are 10 that are absolutely crucial. If you want to ensure that your e-commerce website ranks high in Google’s SERPs, each and every one of the following factors will need to be considered.

If this is your first time reading about any type of SEO technique, then you have probably not heard about a backlink. What are they exactly? Backlinks are links that are directed toward your site, and are sometimes called inbound links. When you have a lot of backlinks, this is an indication that your site is popular and important. Search engines like Google will give your site a higher ranking when you have a good number of backlinks.

In 2010, Google officially began to count page speed as a factor in their search engine rankings. Very few people take care of their website’s loading speed, and now it is more important than ever. If you need help with your page speed, Google does provide a speed-related mini-site that has a ton of resources and videos about speeding up your page.

CTR, or the Click-through Ratio, also gets counted toward your ranking on Google’s SERPs. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it simply means the percentage of time that searchers click on your site when displayed in the SERPs versus another website. The more clicks you have on your site, the higher rank you will get.

It is a sad fact, but the age of your domain name does have an effect on your Google ranking. It should be noted that the domain age doesn’t simply refer to how long you have owned a particular domain name, but rather how long ago it was that Google first indexed it, or saw a link to it. If you have a young domain name, your site will likely be devalued for the first few months or so after Google first hits on you. It will be very difficult for you to rank well in those early months.


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