The Food Prescription

Truer words were never spoken when Hippocrates suggested that “food be thy medicine.” Society has seemed to veer off that track in the past hundred years or so, becoming disturbingly dependent on chemical formulas, medications and elixirs to solve all their problems. These so called miracle formulas of chemistry included an abundance of adverse reactions along with long term side effects and the disappointment of harrowing withdrawal symptoms. In many cases, the cure proved worse than the ailment.

The top 15 healthful foods: Pulses, vegetables, proteins, and more

You, like most individuals, are probably unaware of the power foods have over the way you feel, sleep does walgreens take ebt, function and behave. Foods affect and are connected to heart function, emotional reactions, digestive health, children’s behavior, body weight, mental acuity and your mental and physical health in general. Foods, when used correctly, enable you to operate at optimum levels and feel stronger both physically and emotionally by maintaining a healthier mind and body.

Interestingly enough, you do not have to make major alterations to maintain a healthier mind and body. It’s about learning to use the foods you already have in your kitchen or pantry in a more productive way. The results are dramatic and well worth the simple effort of a few specific choices. This is not a punishment plan either, as there are compromises and ways to counter foods that you love but don’t always work for a healthier life.

Food allergy is common in infant and young children. It can be frustrating for parents – colicky infants, vomiting, constipation and not tolerating formula or sometimes even breast milk. And for the child, the impact is even more so – failure to thrive is common, which may lead to developmental delay as poor nutrient intake impairs achievement of developmental milestones. Thus, it is important for parents and pediatrician to diagnose food allergy in a timely manner to avoid long-term detrimental outcomes. The good news is most of these allergies in young children will resolve on its own by 4-5 years of age.

Hidden food allergy or intolerances are also common and difficult to identify. Our common perception of food allergy is someone who is allergic to seafood, and ate something with shrimp, and within minutes reacted with full body hives, facial swelling, itching mouth and throat, etc.

However, these are not what we’re seeing in children with hidden allergies or intolerances. Reactions to food intolerance are delayed and more subtle. Therefore, they are frequently ignored or dismissed. Food intolerance and food allergy shares many similar signs and symptoms. However, they are very different physiologically.

Food allergy triggers an immediate immune response, usually involving the immunoglobulin E (IgE). IgE-mediated response activates a cascade of systemic reactions, involving multiple organ systems. That is why this is the more severe form food intolerance. Fatal peanut allergy falls into this category. Usually a tiny amount of the offending food can cause an immediate and severe reaction, and may sometimes lead to anaphylactic shock, which is life-threatening emergency.

An anaphylaxis is characterized by systemic responses, such as difficulty breathing due to swelling of airway, hives along with itching, flushed or pale skin, weak and rapid pulse, dangerously low blood pressure, nausea/vomiting or diarrhea, dizziness or fainting.

An anaphylactic event requires emergent medical treatment, and delay of treatment may result in death. People with severe food allergies are usually prescribed and “epi” epinephrine pen that they carry around in case they consume or come in contact with their allergen by accident.


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